A picture worth a thousand words

When I pick out a background picture for my desktop at work, I usually try to find something that express what I’m feeling or that will cheer me up when I see it, etc. Some of the pictures I’ve done so far include:


This picture embraced the horrific high temperatures we endured in the summer of 2011.


This one looks great full screen. As someone is walking by, it’s like there’s a big bird looking through my computer screen wanting to see what’s going on.


Okay, this one is pretty much for the same reason. He’s just awesome, you know?


This guy is just so adorable. He covers several expressions. He says, “Boy, I’m so glad that’s over!” or “Isn’t this just fabulous?” or “I’m so happy I just can’t help myself.”

My latest picture covers my most recent state of mine. When people ask me why I picked it, I just say he is a reminder of what I might look like if I let myself dive off the deep end, and how I don’t want to go there, so I have to keep going… but then again, it might be liberating to just let go and express myself unabashedly…



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