Getting Rusty

“Keep a small can of WD-40 on your desk—away from any open flames—to remind yourself that if you don’t write daily, you will get rusty.”
—George Singleton

I love quotes. I would be a walking fortune cookie if I could. I especially love quotes about writing. I need them too. I found this quote the other day trying to figure out what to post on my Facebook page. I’ve been looking for something to blog about for that matter. I know I need to write every day, but how do I motivate myself to do it EVERY DAY.



Did I mention EVERY DAY?


When I first started writing—seriously writing, I would go weeks and even a couple of months writing everyday…2 to 3 times a day… early in the morning… late into the night… and my writing really stunk back then. I mean it was bad! I would go through cycles of writer’s block and self-doubt… lots and LOTS of self-doubt. After it was over, I could get back on the bandwagon and write again, write as if I hadn’t ever had a break. I would make the mistake of giving my writing to someone to read… and get their OPINION… then the writer’s block and self-doubt would start all over again. {Sigh}

I joined an online writing group about 2004 (wow, that’s almost 10 years ago), and learned some basic do’s and don’ts, got my feelings hurt, my ego crushed, and yet somehow I survived. Go figure, right? I remember the first story I put up for critique. I made contact with a lady in Michigan. She tore it to shreds. Action must come immediately, SHOW don’t TELL, passive voice is BAD, POV slips are BAD, Bookisms are BAD… she even said I needed to change the name of the story. My writing was too simplistic, maybe I should write for a younger audience. I was devastated. What did she know? Everything.

I was so upset that I made a list of everything she said to change. I was going to prove her wrong. After about a month or so, maybe not even that long, I came back to that list and realized I had changed every single item on that list, even the name of the story. I was astounded. It was my first step on a long road of finding me as a writer.

I still have procrastination. That hasn’t changed. In fact, I think it’s worse as I’ve gotten older. In spite of that, I have to admit I’m in a much better place, and my writing is too. Just think how great I’d be if I wrote every day? Hmmm… Okay, so here’s the deal. I may not blog every day, I may not edit or write every day, but I’m going to do something about writing every day. I might blog one day (I’d like to see me here at least once a week, how about you?), and edit the next, then do some research or look for blogging ideas, write something new, and then start all over again. I might even switch it up… Today is the first day… let’s see how far I can go!

Do you have any tips or tricks to help get over your writing humps? Please share!


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