What I’ve learned about writing

If I had to give a date of when I first decided to get “serious” about writing, I would have to say November 2006.  I competed in my first NanoWrimo (National Novel Writer’s Month). The story is still listed in my “Shelved” projects. To see where I was and where I am now makes me proud. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I can see it on the horizon.

I used to never be able to envision me with a FINISH project let alone another waiting to be started. I never saw myself as PUBLISHED. I never saw myself at book signings or conferences or reading out loud to non-family members… okay not even to family members.

I’ve never been a sprinter, not even a long distance runner for that matter, but I have always wanted to finish the race.

I have slowly changed that. I’ve been to 4 writer’s conferences in the last 6 years. I’m going to my 5th on this May (2014). I’ve been in a writing club going on 3 years, holding an office for the last 2.. I have now been in and coordinated a critique group for over a year, which means I read out loud to a group of non-family members at least once a week. I’ve entered 3 contests, 2 of which I’ve placed, 1 I’m still waiting for the outcome. I’ve talked to agents and editors and even sent in a couple of submissions.

I can see myself published in some shape or form. I can see myself at a book signing. I can see myself writing more.

I still deal wit procrastination, distractions, lack of discipline, and the like, but I’m getting better at defeating my self-sabotaging habits. I don’t let writer’s block stop me dead in my tracks. I don’t let disgruntled comments keep me from writing. I don’t hold it against others who get published before me, even though it does plant a seed of doubt. I have to remember that their journey isn’t my journey–their road isn’t my road. I may not be first across the finish line, I might even be the last, but you better believe I will cross it.


4 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about writing

  1. I had to snicker a little when I came to the end of this because I often scratch my head in doubt when others get published before me too. But I snickered because I’ve been perusing literary journals to submit to lately and trying to read examples of what they’ve published and sometimes, it’s a crap shoot and nothing more. Some of the poetry I’ve read in these journals isn’t poetry or a new and better writing style, it’s just bizarre ramblings that mean nothing and I know I can’t write that way … and I don’t want to write that way! So if that’s what is being published it really doesn’t hurt my feelings to not be included.

  2. Good luck on your projects! Progress is an amazing motivator.

    I deal with procrastination, too! Oh, and the distraction… I tend to leap at new, shiny ideas before polishing up the ideas that came before. I had enough discipline to write a complete novel once, so I hope I can find that place again sometime 🙂

  3. It’s such an inspiration to read how you are working towards your goal. I’m still in the first stage: don’t think it’s ever going to work out, so I’m not putting much effort into it. But, reading this post got me looking into writing groups in the area and I signed up for one. I’m taking the plunge. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your writing. 🙂

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