Epiphany Strikes Again

When an epiphany strikes, it’s usually when I’m in the car all by myself, or in the shower… mostly in the shower. I’ve had some AMAZING epiphanies in the shower… I have figured how to kill people, how to rescue people…all sorts of stuff. Well, I need to kidnap someone, and haven’t been able to figure out who it should be… I didn’t want it to be my protagonist, because the story is from her point of view and she’ll miss out on all the excitement. I decided I didn’t want it to be her friend, because her friend has a small roll, and I didn’t want her to be any bigger.

Then this morning…it hit me… I discovered who, I figured out how, and I KNEW WHY!!!!!

E—PIPH—A—NY (gotta sing it to get the full effect)

I share moments like this with a fellow artist at work, but she recently moved to a new cubicle further away and I just hadn’t had the chance to go by and give her the exciting news. So, I decided to text her. She gave me her cell phone number a while ago, but this was the first time I ever used it.

Being myself, I wrote: “I had another shower Epiphany. :-)”

First thought was, maybe I should let her know who it’s from. Second thought was, Naaaah! She’ll know! When I didn’t get a response back, I started a little panic dance… What if it’s not her number? What if she gave me her husband’s number (in case of emergencies or something)? And on and on it went.

Finally, I got the chance to go by her desk and discovered she had shared in my panic dance. She had read the text and started doing some thinking of her own… Her sister is having a baby, and she is in charge of the baby shower. First thought was: Who is this and do they want to help me with her shower? She called her sister and asked if she might know. When they were still clueless, she worried it might be a prank of an “inappropriate nature”, because she knew it wasn’t from her husband, but who else would be talking about showers and epiphanies? We artistic people tend to have wild imaginations…

Her sister Googled the number and found it belonged to someone named Shelley Pagach (pronouncing it pay-gosh). My friend had her OWN epiphany and we had a fantastic laugh as we swapped stories.

I’m still a little pink the cheeks, but she’s got my name in her phone now, so I can be myself once again!


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