Procrastinations Evil Little Brother

I don’t suffer from procrastination, but paralysis–mind numbing paralysis. Maybe it’s the same difference, maybe not. All I know is I planned on writing after my show was over. Plenty of time before bed. Instead I wasted almost 15 minutes surfing channels. We don’t have cable. It doesn’t take that long to surf. You can just imagine how many times I went through the list. 2nd to the last round that little voice in the back of my head said, “You know, you only have to write for 20 minutes, like the book says. What’s the big deal?”

I’m almost finished reading the book, “Secrets from A Creativity Coach” by Romney Oualline Nesbitt. I’ve talked about it before, and I WILL be talking about it again.

So, I spent a few more minutes (still surfing), trying to figure out “what’s the big deal”.

I couldn’t think of anything.

I just felt paralyzed.

But paralyzed isn’t going to get my manuscript finished before the conference (in 10 days…no pressure). One more turn around the channels and I turned the TV off. I took one unsteady step and I turned on the computer. I took another wobbling step and set my stop watch for 21 minutes (I like odd numbers) and I kept walking a stiff and halted gate, cranking out 321 words and the beginnings of a new scene.

Will I be able to do it again tomorrow, or will the paralysis return… until next time…


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