Writing prompt #1: Love mankind, trust the majority, and never owe anyone.

For me, this fortune cookie isn’t very interesting. Three very different statements pieced together to sound like a proverb of some sort, but it is one I don’t agree with fully.

Love mankind gets no argument from me. I strive to love mankind everyday, even those who don’t love it at all. They love their family, and what friends they have. They have their favorite sports or movie stars, but as a whole they don’t love mankind. What has mankind ever done for them? My question is, what have they done for mankind? Both answers can be “nothing”. I have to confess there are plenty of memories, where I wish I had done more to help out in a situation on a bigger scale. I’m good at helping out in the little situations, sort of that “pay it forward” kind of thing. But I do love mankind. I know there is a lot of evil and darkness in the world, but there is also light, and I want to be part of that light.

Trust the majority get’s a Ha! from me. When has the majority ever proved to be trustworthy? There is oldie but goodie that everyone should keep in mind no matter what they do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The sad thing about it is there are a lot of potentially great leaders out there (don’t get me wrong, some current leaders are doing the best with what they have), but they get sucked into the majority and lose that tenacity that made them great. They feel forced to compromise their beliefs all for the benefit of the greater good. Ha! again. I’m all for compromise when there needs to be, but I’m also for standing your ground when necessary, and very rarely does the majority like that.

Never owe anyone is a good idea, if you’re talking debt. But debt is everywhere, always has been, always will. The less debt you have, the better, obviously, BUT what about owing someone a favor? Not the bury a dead body kind of favor, but the hey, you got lunch last time, it’s my treat today. There are  plenty of things you can owe someone, or anyone, and make your life   (and theirs, hopefully) better for it.


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