Writing prompt #3: He who hurries cannot walk with dignity

I have fibromyalgia. Some people may turn their nose up at the word and not believe it is a “real” thing, but I’ve lived with it since before they had a word for it and it’s very real to me. Fortunately, my case is much milder than most. I have regular everyday pain like others, but then I have pain that reminds me I have fibromyalgia. It usually hits hard when the weather changes, like it’s doing now. We’ve had several days of wet rainy weather. Cold. Gray. Pain. I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been used for a karate punching back. Medicine helps. I’m just waiting for it to kick in (pun intended? Happy accident).

I found it kind of funny pulling this quote out of the bunch this morning, because I can in no way hurry today. Every step is going to take effort and time, and my slow pace will not look dignified. I do like the quote though, because contradictions make you stop and think. I’m not sure if the hurried are less dignified than the slow and steady, but they are going so fast you can’t tell one way or another. I do know if you hurry you miss out on the little things, and it’s the little things that make life worthwhile. However, you can spin it and say those who wait around will miss the bus (not a fortune cookie quote, but it would work for one, wouldn’t it?). You can be too slow and miss out on something important, and there’s no dignity there either.

So, the moral for today is balance is the key. If you have to hurry, don’t forget to slow down later and watch the sunset. If you are stuck at a standstill, pick up your feet and start moving. Just remember to do both with dignity.



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