Writing prompt #5: No trees touch the sky

This is a German proverb, which in itself makes me wonder. I’m not sure if it is optimistic or pessimistic. Is the glass half full or half empty, as it were.

Maybe there’s no glass at all. Maybe it’s all in your perspective. Maybe it’s not. I can see as a child looking through the branches, higher and higher and higher, not understanding how the atmosphere works or what it is made up of, that the sky is just a ceiling you draw and color on a page, that the tree does indeed touch the sky.

I was going to say as adults we know that trees do not touch the sky. When you look at it from the scientific side of things, how the atmosphere is broken down into different layers, how the sun reflects against molecules or atoms in the air to project the color blue, there’s nothing for the trees to touch.

Then I got to thinking.

The molecules and atoms in the air the sun reflects against do indeed touch things, even though we cannot see them with the naked eye. Therefore, trees can and do touch the sky, or at least the sky touches the trees. Now there’s a twist to think about.

tree snuggy


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