Writing prompt #6: Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort

I have almost made peace with the fact that my comfort zone has snuck off without my permission to play a demented game of hide-n-seek, determined not to be found!

My oldest son is graduating from high school this next month. Just a few weeks away. Right before that I’ve got my annual writer’s conference. Both are really big life moments.

I now have to stand on the sidelines and watch my son as he’s exposed to the hard cold world we know as life. He has to start making decisions for himself, and that terrifies me. I am no longer in control. My comfort zone is gone. Poof!

Then there’s my other child–my story–that I have to expose to the hard cold world of publishing. Oh my. It just hit me. I’m losing a child on both counts and I have to let it happen if I want either one of them to grow. It’s a good thing. It’s a very good thing. Then why am I petrified?!?

Fear of failure? I have survived failure, more than once.

Fear of success? I have survive that as well.

No. It’s the fear of the unknown–walking the tightrope of life without a safety net, outside my comfort zone. Yet, I haven’t regretted one step. They haven’t all been successful, but neither have they been complete failures. I’m hoping I can pass that knowledge and understanding on, so that both of my children can benefit from it.

I guess, I’m going to let my comfort zone play its little game of hide-n-seek, and I will put what I can’t control into God’s hands. For some reason I have to stress through it before remembering I can give it to Him. Ah well, He never holds it against me, thank goodness.


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