Changing my name

I’m changing the name of my blog. It’s something I have been contemplating for a while and decided it was time to embrace.

I am shy. I am insecure. I deal with low self esteem. I am an over thinker. I am high maintenance. I am a perfectionist. 

I am a late bloomer.

I’ve been meaning to get back to my blog for a while. I even have a list of blog ideas, but I never seem to find the time. It may be another six months before I blog again, but I hope not. That’s not the plan anyway.

Ah, the plan. What was that again? Oh, that’s right. Finish my novel and get it published. How’s it going? Well, I keep saying I’m on the last draft, but then I keep finding more to fix.


Here’s what I know about being a perfectionist. It keeps me from finishing things because they just aren’t right yet. Almost, but not yet.

Yes. I know it’s time to move on. Yes. I have one more critique to do. Yes. I will have corrections from that critique.

BUT… It’s also time to…Work on my query letter. Work on the synopsis. Make a list of agents I want to query.

It’s time to bloom.




2 thoughts on “Changing my name

  1. Novels will never be 100% perfect. None of them are, and none of them will ever be. There will always be something. Mostly because novels are subjective to the reader reading them. What some will love, others won’t. One thing that helps me keep the blogs going twice a week is I write them and schedule them at least one month (or two) in advance. That way I don’t have the pressure of “what am I going to write about today!” looming over my head. Good luck!

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