Fortune Cookie Writing Prompts

fortune-cookiesIn an attempt to find a way to write something new everyday, I thought I would look into writing prompts. I have two projects I am currently editing, one has already gone through my critique group and I’m now in the second round of my own rewrites, and the other is going through the critique group now. I don’t work on them everyday, but when I sit down to write, that is what I work on.

Apparently, editing doesn’t count towards “new words”. I don’t have time to start a new project without taking away from the two I’m currently finishing, so what is the point of trying to write “new words” everyday?

Exercise. My least favorite word, but a necessary one. New words exercise your writing muscles. Keeps them healthy and in shape. I could say, why bother when the rest of me is not in shape either, but I know better. On both counts. While I’m still kicking and screaming about the physical exercise (does kicking and screaming count?), I can focus on writing exercise. I can google “writing prompts”, but I have a better idea.

I love fortune cookies. Not the You will see money fly your way soon, but the Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone. I have a billfold full of fortune cookie fortunes. What better excuse to save them than using them for writing prompts? I can’t promise I will be here everyday, but my goal is at least once a week.  I would love to see participation, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. On to my first Fortune Cookie Writing Prompt!


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