Projects Ideas/WIP


Tentative title: What Will Samantha Do Now? — Romance (1st draft complete, currently editing)

Tentative title: 21 Pieces — Romance/Suspense (1st draft in progress)

Tentative title: Forget Me Not — Romance (to be outlined)

Tentative title: Lovegood and Longbottom — YA Romance (to be outlined)


Tentative title: The Queen & the Fiddler — Middle Grade Historical/fantasy

The only form of music allowed in the land of Capella is singing. A young girl is rejected by the King’s Choir because she doesn’t fit the mold. To her delight, an old fiddler shares a new and dangerous way to create music. A violin. Not everyone in her world is ready to accept this newfound treasure, but that doesn’t stop her from embracing this wonderful instrument and so much more.

Tentative title: Lady of the Wood — Medieval fantasy 

A young woman long thought dead, disguises herself as a prophet and oracle, waiting for the chance to save her world from an obsessed enemy of the past.

Possible name: Time-Swipers — YA sci-fi/fantasy

A teen-aged girl is given the opportunity to change her life by altering her genes (DNA). She finds the little medical manipulation spirals a chain of events that erases her past, including her best friend.

No title yet — Medieval fantasy

A continuation of the Lady of the Wood… Hadessa is old and gray now, her beloved Elam has past and she must make sure her son, King Eli is married before she dies. But the prospective bride is more than anyone bargains for.

Lily Among the Thorns — YA

A young girl kept hidden from the world finds an escape in spite of a violent crime and a family she never knew she had.

Loss for Words — YA coming of age

A senior in high school reluctantly joins a writing class, though the joy of writing vanished when her father left. Forced to face the future with a broken family, she finds writing as a way back home.

Marcus Benjamin Trent — YA  (Working on a new name for project)

After her father’s death, a young woman (17 or so) finds a family she never knew she had… hidden by a woman she thought to be her mother.

(Last updated 01/04/2019)

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